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Kitchen Manager

Position Summary

The Kitchen Manager reports directly to the Executive Chef.  This individual must be familiar with the kitchen’s operations and assist in resolving any problems that may arise in the kitchen area of the restaurant.  A Kitchen Manager must possess the ability to quickly and authoritatively delegate job tasks to the Heart of the House staff. They must also be able to draw upon their experience to cover roles when needed and to effectively coach the HOH staff.
The Kitchen Manager is responsible for hiring staff, purchasing food and stock, and making sure everyone is trained on proper food preparation and kitchen safety techniques.  In addition, the Kitchen Manager sets an example of our standards always, whether it is organization, cleanliness or food safety.  They must ensure the food looks good, is cooked properly, the portions are correct and it is cooked and served quickly. Kitchen Managers also make sure the kitchen is properly cleaned on a regular schedule, food is disposed of properly and the kitchen meets all sanitary standards.
The Kitchen Manager may also be responsible for keeping tabs on food costs, waste and employee hours, doing their best to optimize profit for the company and create the best dining experience for the Guest. 

Job Responsibilities

  • This is a leadership position responsible for the development and operation of their team to support one of the most critical factors in our success, food quality
  • A thorough knowledge of our recipes and food preparation procedures in order to effectively manage the standards with team members.
  • Prep is directed to ensure maximum productivity and to avoid waste
  • Manage food quality standards by consistently monitoring the temperature of hot food as well as ensuring that our cold food is stored according to standards
  • Ensure a sense of urgency from all kitchen team members at all times
  • Manage team member schedules, breaks and meal periods to avoid penalties and to maximize productivity
  • Ensure cleanliness and safety on a daily basis
  • Monitor and manage food waste on a shift by shift basis
  • Manage food and stock deliveries for accuracy to invoices/inventory, safe handling of received products and notifying vendors of rejected/misdelivered items
Daily Station/Line Checks – Prior to each meal period
  • Sanitizer in all stations
  • Check rotation of product and manage proper storage procedure
  • Look at, smell and taste all food items
  • Consistency in prepared items (sauce, salsas, mixes, etc.)
  • Verify portion size (spot check with scale)
  • Confirm stations are set and ready for service per daily PMIX
Food Handling
  • Follow all food safety guidelines to ensure all food products are safe for consumption
  • Adherence to all State, Federal, and local health department regulations
  • Consistently monitor time and temperature of all food products
  • Ensure all food specifications and recipes are followed 
  • Keep specification book updated and in good condition
  • Maintain a safety-first culture in the Heart of House
  • Document Guests and Employee Injury and Illness incidents
  • Workers compensation reporting
  • Adhere to all safety guidelines (cut gloves, non-slip shoes and chemical hazard communication)
  • Provide oversight to the cleaning program
  • Provide oversite to the safety program
Facility Repair & Maintenance
  • Responsible for making repair as needed to kitchen equipment or complete maintenance requests
  • Responsible for overall condition of kitchen equipment, building and kitchen area of restaurant
  • Provide safe working environment for employees by maintaining facility and equipment in their optimal working condition
Staff Training & Development
  • Provide proper and detailed training and cross-training for hourly personnel based on company established criteria
  • Follow the Managers Policy & Procedure Manual (MPPM) for all established rules and guidelines
  • Provide timely and detailed performance evaluations for hourly HOH Team
  • Document staff work performance including coaching and counseling 
  • Provide ongoing training for all positions in HOH and FOH
  • Provide information necessary for employees to perform their job consistently and efficiently
  • Daily Specials - explain portions, cooking methods, and presentation
  • Ensure items are prepared for each station to reflect forecasted sales
  • Feedback on daily service outlining execution and speed of service 
  • Evaluate HOH employees’ technique and pass along to the Executive Chef

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Minimum 3-years full service, high volume restaurant experience
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Professional and proficient verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel applications, knowledge of back office POS operating systems and general accounting practices a plus
  • ServSafe certification

Physical Demands

While performing the duties of this job, the employee works in a fast-paced and high-volume restaurant setting.  Because the environment includes a kitchen and customer seating area, the noise level may be disruptive at times.  The position requires the ability to stand, walk, lift, twist and bend for up to 10 hours a day and lift 50 lbs.