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Mike Camplin

Executive Chef

Chef Mike Camplin discovered his love for food with muffins. In high school he would bake muffins for his friends and in that found his love for being in the kitchen. At 18, Camplin attended the Wellington Institute of Technology in his native land of New Zealand where he earned a degree in Culinary Arts. Camplin eventually moved to Europe where he gained extensive experience as a Chef Apprentice at multiple restaurants in London, France and Scotland. However, it wasn’t until he made the move to New York City that Camplin got his big culinary break working as Chef de Cuisine at Boqueria SoHo in Manhattan. In the following years he spent in New York, Camplin worked as Chef De Cuisine at Vill Pacri and then became Partner and Executive Chef at the Mulberry Project.

In 2014, Chef Camplin made the journey to the West Coast and moved to San Diego where he joined the Cohn Restaurant Group as Executive Chef for Draft Republic in La Jolla. Camplin credits his fine-tuned culinary skills to practice, repetition and eating a lot of food. He enjoys using old fashioned cooking techniques and creating Spanish style cuisines. Camplin believes the most important traits to being a great Chef are being able to work under pressure and having a great sense of humor.