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Event Space Photo
Event Space Photo
Lunch, Dinner or Cocktail Reception

We do not guarantee availability of any of our games unless you reserve event space that includes exclusive game access.

IPA Dining Room
Communal style seating - 5 tables available
Capacity: up to 40 Guests (max. 8 Guests per table)
**Option to make this space semi-private

Lager Dining Room
Communal style seating - 6 tables available
Capacity: up to 60 Guests (max. 10 Guests per table)

Pilsner Room (Private)
Communal style seating - 5 tables
Includes exclusive access to the pool table
Capacity: up to 30 Guests seated or 50 Guests reception style
**AV available

Lager + IPA Communal Dining
Seating includes communal dining tables
Capacity: up to 100 Guests seated

Half Buyout (Lager + IPA)
Seating includes communal dining tables
Includes exclusive access to shuffle board & foosball tables
Capacity: up to 120 Guests seated or up to 175 Guests reception style

Full Restaurant Buyout (Private)
Capacity: up 220 Guests seated or up to 300 Guests reception style

For immediate assistance please call Draft Republic Carlsbad at (760) 448-4627 or email Kelly Henderson at

To make reservations for groups of 10 Guests or more please contact our Event Specialist by clicking the button below.*

*Please note we require a minimum of 24 hours to process group reservation requests.

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