Tacos Libertad FAQ

Tacos for Good – A Not for Profit Taco Shop

Q: A Not for Profit Taco Shop?  Why would you do this?
A: Lesley and David Cohn lived in Hillcrest for quite some time and it is the original home of one of their earliest restaurants, the World Famous Corvette Diner.  The Cohn Family already supports over 300 non-profits each year, but for years have thought about operating a small restaurant for the sole purpose of giving back.  Creating another project in Hillcrest reminded them how great San Diego has been to them and that they’d like to recognize the city and community they love by donating 100% of the profits from Tacos Libertad to local charities.
Q: Ok, that’s a great idea.  How will you choose which charities will benefit? 
A: We have appointed an Advisory Committee made up of 5 members of the San Diego community to choose the charities that will benefit.  None of the Advisory Committee Members will be employees of Cohn Restaurant Group and Cohn Restaurant Group will not have a role in the process.  The Advisory Committee is unpaid.
Q: How often will you pick a new charity?
A: Tacos Libertad will donate to a different charity each month.  The Advisory Committee will meet twice per year to select the charities for the upcoming months.  Once chosen, a charity may not be selected again for at least 36 months.

Q: I like it.  I am involved in a charity, how can I apply?
A: The first thing you will need to do is fill out the Charity Request Form that can be found by clicking here.
Q: As a part of your submission you will need to include:
A: • A video of no more than 1-2 minutes that will help convince the Advisory Committee to choose your charity. Acceptable video file formats include MP4, AVI, and WMV.
    • You must also submit proof of the charity’s non-profit status.  Unfortunately, your unemployed significant other likely won’t qualify.
    • Charity logo (vector file)

Also, since Tacos Libertad is a local taco shop, the Advisory Committee will give a preference to local charities.

Q: If my charity is chosen, how can I help maximize the amount of money my charity receives?
A: Get the word out to all your friends and supporters of the charity.  The Cohn Restaurant Group will promote via our marketing channels, social media and public relations, but we need your help.  Send out texts and email and flood social media.  Host a few Taco Nights or other special events at Tacos Libertad. Get creative and sell more tacos.  We’ll also need information about your charity for our video display inside Tacos Libertad.
Q: I keep hearing that restaurants don’t make that much money, how will you calculate “profits”?
A: You’re correct, restaurant profits average only 5¢ for each dollar of sales.  For those of you that may remember a little bit from your high school accounting class, “Profits” will be defined as the EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization).
More simply put, “profits” will be the money we make after our operating expenses including paying our Libertad Team (they also keep the tips) and the cost of the products we sell, but we will not include expenses for things such as home office support services provided by the Cohn Restaurant Group, the cost of the original build out of Tacos Libertad, Designer Philippe Beltran’s creative work, or for all of the money we spent to have the coolest bathrooms in town. 

Q: This seems like a crazy idea, are you sure you want to do this?
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