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The FUN and EASY way to raise money.

• Raise money for your organization without having to sell anything? NO more Car Washes or Bake Sales.  Simply schedule an event and bring in your supporters.
• Dining out with family and friends has never been so rewarding! ZIGZAG’s FUNraiser Program invites your organization to do just that — raise money doing something everyone loves to do — EAT!
• How does it work? ZIGZAG PIZZA will donate 15% of all food and beverage sales (tax, and gratuity not included) generated by your organization the night of the event.  Flyers your group distributes will identify your Guests as members of your FUNraiser night.  It’s that easy!
• You will find the more you are involved, the more successful your FUNraiser.  Invite friends and family.  Talk it up, be enthusiastic!  The more guests you invite, the more money you raise for your organization.
• If you are interested, let us know and we will work together to make this a successful event for your organization.
• Our entire ZIGZAG Team looks forward to working with you!

Which organizations qualify?

Any non-profit organization can take part in the ZigZag Pizza FUNraiser Program including  Soccer Clubs • Church/Synagogue Groups • Parent Teacher Organizations • School Bands • Girl Scouts • Boy Scouts • Charity Walks • Preschools • Cheerleading Squads • Camps • Student Councils • Little League Teams • High School Sports Teams • Grad Night • Booster Clubs • Sororities/Fraternities • Swim Teams

How does it work?

15% of all food and beverage sales (tax and gratuity not included) brought in by your organization will be donated directly to your organization!

When can you hold your event?

FUNraiser’s can be held on most non-holiday Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 11am -8pm.  We offer 3 times: 11am-2pm, 2pm-5pm, and 5pm-8pm with a three-hour time frame for your fundraiser to take place.  Be sure to give your group plenty of time to promote your ZIGZAG FUNraiser.


Follow These Simple Steps:

• Decide on your potential fundraising dates for a Monday through Wednesday (non-holiday week).  We offer 3 times: 11am-2pm, 2pm-5pm, and 5pm-8pm with a three-hour time frame for your fundraiser to take place.
• Submit the FUNraiser request form below by clicking sign up. Request Forms must be submitted with at least 30 days-notice.
• Once your FUNraiser has been approved by our Management Team, we will email your organization a confirmation letter and include a user name and password so you can return to this site to create a custom flyer for you to complete and print out.
• Hand out flyers to as many people as possible before your scheduled night. Flyers are required with each order to receive credit for FUNraiser.  Flyers may not be distributed in or outside of ZIG ZAG PIZZA before or during your event. Thank you for understanding.
• Come relax and enjoy your evening at the ZIGZAG PIZZA!
• ​Your organization will earn 15% (tax and gratuity not included) from each food and beverage sale when a flyer is submitted.  You will then receive your FUNraiser check within 4-6 weeks after your event.

Please note that a FUNraiser is only considered “scheduled” after you receive confirmation from our Management Team.


Successful FUNraising Tips:

• Complete your organization’s FUNraiser flyer by clicking “create flyer” below weeks in advance of your event.
• Insert a FUNraiser flyer in a weekly newsletter.
• Announce the event and attach a downloadable FUNraiser Flyer on your Organization’s website.
• Consider having hosts at ZIGZAG PIZZA to welcome your supporters.
• Attach a flyer in an e-mail to your office, family and friends.
• Contact the local newspaper. They are always looking for information on charitable events.
• Pass out flyers during large gatherings/group meetings/events.
• Announce your FUNraiser over your company’s P.A. System reminding people to pick up their flyer.
• ​Promote your night on a marquee or bulletin boards.

Thank you for choosing ZIGZAG PIZZA to help raise money for your organization!
Together, let’s make it a success!
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